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About Columbia Vista

Columbia Vista Corporation sits on the banks of the Columbia River near Vancouver, Washington, and focuses on producing a consistent, high quality lumber product. The employees of Columbia Vista appreciate your visiting our web site and hope that you will become one of our many satisfied customers. If you are already a customer, we greatly appreciate your business. Please take a minute to enjoy the .

Columbia Vista Corporation began in 1952. Early on, the company produced green Douglas Fir and Hemlock studs. Beginning in the late 1980's, the mill was remodeled to become a Japanese cutting mill. Until 1997 the primary focus of the mill was on the export market with products being manufactured in metric dimensions, to Japanese grade rules and was sold in yen per cubic meter.

The company added dry kilns in 1989 and a remanufacturing plant, , in 1994. The addition of these operational assets allowed the company to expand its product lines and markets. In 1997, the direction of the business changed to focus primarily on the domestic home center markets and specialty products such as crossarms for utility poles.

Both plants are operated on a one shift basis with the focus being on quality and consistency of production. These plants are constantly upgraded and modernized to allow the company to be competitive in world markets. The mill has state of the art 3-d scanning systems and mechanized lumber handling systems.

The company produces over 60 million board feet of lumber on a one shift schedule and over 50% of all products are kiln dried. All other products are sold green and, except for low grades, anti-stain treated to insure that the material is mold free.

Additionally, the company is registered to ISO 14001 environmental standards and participates in the EPA's Performance Track program which recognizes superior environmental management practices. In 2005, we received the Star Status in the VPP program in recognition of our superior safety program. “Think Safe, Act Safe, Be Safe.”

In 2007, Columbia Vista was certified to FSC Chain of Custody environmental standards”. SW-COC-002444

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