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Carbon Sequestration

Columbia Vista Corporation is at the forefront of the efforts facilitating and tracking carbon storage in the manufacturing of wood products. We are currently sequestering 4,063,950 lbs of carbon a month or 48,767,400 lbs per year. We are also preventing more than 2.3 million lbs of CO2 entering into the atmosphere each year through the purchase of Green Light Power. This capturing of CO2 has reduced Columbia Vista Corporations’ carbon footprint to negative 51,707 lbs of CO2 per month. Click Here for more information on choosing forest products as a sound environmental choice.

Lumber product sequestration is one of the key approaches to reducing atmospheric carbon concentrations. It is a safe environmentally acceptable and cost effective way to capture and store substantial amounts of atmospheric carbon.

At a time when mankind is searching for ways to capture the power of the sun, it turns out that one of society’s principle construction materials – wood – is produced almost entirely from solar energy.

Much of the carbon contained within wood products resides in the nations housing stock, estimated at 116 million units in 2000. High energy efficiency and low fossil fuel consumption combined with the fact that wood and the products made from wood tend to be not only carbon neutral but carbon negative. This is not the case for any other construction material (Ref.

Columbia Vista Corporation strives to operate a safe, environmentally responsible, efficient, cost effective company while producing high quality products and developing beneficial long term relations with customers, suppliers and employees.
Lumber product carbon sequestration is just one of the ways Columbia Vista Corporation strives to meet its mission.



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